Composting is a great way to reduce your household waste by 30-50%, producing a great soil booster (compost) for your garden and plants.

Watch for the RDCO's annual composter sale (usually in March).

Annual composter sale


Backyard composting is a wonderful way to turn food scraps into nutrient-dense soil. While home owners may opt for a backyard composting unit, those in apartments or condos can also compost using a worm composting unit.

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Green cone food digesters

Similar to composting, food digesters help to reduce food waste from landfills. What makes them different from backyard composting units is their inability to produce soil.

Food digesters take all food waste including meat, bones, dairy, cooked foods and other items not permitted in regular composters. It does not require stirring or regular maintenance and cannot take garden waste such as grass of leaves. For an average family of 4, the basket should only need emptying every 2-3 years.

90% of the waste in your food digesters will be absorbed as water by the soil.

How to use a green cone food digester