The My Dog Matters program was created to reward dog owners who license their dog(s) and provide them with benefits for licensing. As part of our Responsible Dog Ownership Program, licensed dog owners will receive discounts from participating businesses by simply showing their My Dog Matters rewards card/app at the time of purchase.

Dog owners will be able to quickly recover the cost of licensing by using their card to receive discounts on products and services offered by the many proud partners participating in the rewards program.

To start receiving discounts, license your dog today at the Regional District of Central Okanagan. You will automatically receive your own rewards card. Go to the rewards card page to see the amazing discounts offered by participating businesses!

How do I get a ‘My Dog Matters' rewards card?

There are a couple of options:

Do I need to buy more than one card if I have licensed more than one dog?

No, you only need one card. To receive discounts offered by participating businesses you will simply need to show your card to them at the time of purchase to show that you are a current licensed dog owner. The number of dogs you have licensed does not matter.

There are 2 owners. Do we each need a card?

No. You can share the card, or both download the app and share login information, this way you can both receive discounts using your mobile phones.

How long is the rewards card valid for?

It's valid for one calendar year.

Where can I use the rewards card?

There are a number of local businesses that offer discounts by simply showing your rewards card. Discover our list of Proud Partners and get discounts.

How can I become a proud partner?

If you are interested in becoming a partner of this program, please fill out this form [insert link to web form]. We will contact you as soon as possible after the form has been submitted.