Illegal dumping

What is illegal dumping?

Illegal dumping takes many forms including dumping yard waste in a nearby ditch, abandoning a vehicle, camping or bush party leftovers or dumping household or construction waste in the forest. In every case, something is being placed where it doesn't belong.

Fines for illegal dumping are outlined in the Ticket Information Utilization Bylaw No. 435. They range from $100 under the Solid Waste Management Regulation Bylaw, up to $2,000 under the Offence Act.  

Report illegal dumping

On Crown Lands or RDCO Electoral Areas

Within your Municipality or on private property

Negative effects of illegal dumping

  • Environmental damage: illegal dumping of hazardous wastes contaminates soil and water
  • Increased health risks: abandoned and decaying garbage attracts animals (often disease carrying ones)
  • Encourages more dumping: even small amounts of dumped garbage influences people to dump more garbage
  • Increases fire risks: dumped yard waste, broken glass and other wastes increase risk of forest fires
  • Increased costs: addressing abandoned garbage costs money and resources, which is passed onto taxpayers