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My Dog Matters

Become a proud partner of our rewards program! Your company will be seen as a dog-friendly company and supporter of responsible dog ownership across Central Okanagan communities. 

Being a partner will allow you to create new relationships with this specific target market: licensed dog owners living in the Central Okanagan. As a participating business you will be able to choose your own personalized discount to offer to licensed dog owners.

There will be many benefits that you will receive by being a partner, including: 

Website and app

We'll list your business and your special discount on both our website and app.


You will be given a sign for your window or door, free of charge, to show your involvement in the My Dog Matters rewards program inviting people to come into your establishment and save when using their rewards card. 

Posters will be available to you without charge and will also be displayed at the Regional District of Central Okanagan to promote the program.

Apply to become a proud partner