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The Regional District of Central Okanagan and its member municipalities (Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland and Lake Country) collect curbside recycling on behalf of Recycle BC. Place all recyclables loosely in your recycling cart. Do not put your recyclables in a bag.

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What can I recycle material list

Recycle BC material list (links to Recycle BC website)

RDCO Recycle Guide

Who is Recycle BC?
Retailers, manufacturers and other organizations that supply packaging and paper to BC residents are responsible for collecting and recycling these materials when residents are finished with them. Recycle BC, a non-profit organization, was formed to represent these businesses to manage recycling across the province.  Visit recyclebc.ca for more details.
What is Recycle BC's role in the Central Okanagan?
The City of Kelowna, City of West Kelowna, District of Lake Country, District of Peachland and the RDCO collect packaging and paper on behalf of Recycle BC through a private contractor (Environmental 360 Solutions). As a contractor to Recycle BC, local municipalities and the RDCO follow the parameters set out for curbside collection by Recycle BC and in turn, Recycle BC funds the collection of residential recyclables. Recycle BC uses a consistent material list for the province, meaning the same materials are accepted everywhere Recycle BC operates.
What changes are coming regarding Recycle BC in the Central Okanagan?
In June 2022, all Central Okanagan municipalities and the RDCO made the decision to request that Recycle BC provide direct service to the Central Okanagan. This means that in 2026, local municipalities and RDCO will no longer be a contractor to Recycle BC and Recycle BC will provide curbside recycling directly to residents in the Central Okanagan.
Why did local municipalities request Recycle BC provide direct recycling services to residents?
Having Recycle BC provide direct service reduces financial risk and penalties to municipalities, and ultimately taxpayers, due to excessive recycling contamination and increasing contract costs. With Recycle BC providing direct service, residents will better understand who is ultimately responsible for residential recycling.
Will direct service by Recycle BC impact my curbside collection?
You will still be able to recycle all the same material currently being accepted for curbside collection. It is not know at this time if there will be any changes to how material is collected curbside.  If there are any changes that impact residents, we will work with Recycle BC to communicate those changes well ahead of Recycle BC taking over the service in 2026.
Other recycling programs - provincial take-back programs
For information on where to recycle small appliances, electronics, electronic toys, light bulbs and fixtures, tires, used oil and antifreeze, batteries, power tools, beverage containers, paint, flammables and pesticides and much more visit our provincial take-back program page.
Recycle Council of British Columbia
  • Recycle Council of British Columbia website
  • Recycle Council of British Columbia recycling hotline: 1-800-667-4321